Steve Baker

Rogue Dungeon

Game DevMonoGameC#

A single player RogueLike / RPG / dungeon crawler game with some puzzles that i've been developing on & off incrementally over a few years now. Every dungeon will be different (e.g. Sand, Desert, Water, Forest) with different enemies, puzzles, mini-bosses, items etc.

Assets are a combination of graphics created by myself and free assets from

Some very outdated demo clips can be found here:

v0. 3


Some Current Features:

  • Difficulty scales based on current floor (e.g. enemies, bosses, items, floor size)
  • Different types of enemies with random stats (slimes, zombies, knights)
  • Range of items (swords, shields, bow, armour, torches, potions etc)
  • Shop system to purchase player stats upgrades

Roadmap, WIP & Future:

  • More Mini-bosses & Bosses
  • More items (swords, armour, shields)
  • Better inventory & item system
  • Classes, special attacks
  • Multiple dungeons with exclusive weapons, monsters and features
  • Puzzle challenges at end of dungeons

(Images below are from an earlier version)

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